Pouro Pourer ( Set of 3 )

Pouro Pourer ( Set of 3 )

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product description

Twist Open & Pour ...Twist Close & Store!

Twist the Pouro® Pourer open for a fast easy pour, then twist it closed to keep things fresh - protecting your spirits from fruit flies, oxidation, and evaporation.

The Pouro® Pourer fits all standard wine and spirits bottles, and also works great with oils, vinegars, and all of your bottled household liquids.


Pouro® is a patented ( US patent number 29/394,407 ) dispensing closure that can dispense all of your household liquids. Pouro® is BPA free and made in the USA! Whether for spirits, wine, dressing, or olive oil, Pouro allows you to twist open to pour, and twist close to store any liquid.

Applications for the following bottles 

  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Dressing